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Wednesday, 06 February 2019

Member for Lane Cove, Anthony Roberts, says “NSW Labor has demonstrated once again they are not up to the job of running the State, resorting to re-announcing a language policy they first released nearly three years ago to the week.”

“Michael Daley’s latest lame announcement rehashes Luke Foley’s announcement of the same plan: twice in 2016, once in 2017, and again in 2018.”

“It doesn’t matter who leads NSW Labor – Luke Foley or Michael Daley – it’s the same old lazy policies,” said Mr Roberts.

Education Minister Rob Stokes said Labor’s plan to hire 100 language teachers in NSW schools shows that they don’t understand the scale of the State’s education system.

“Labor say they have a plan for every child to learn a second language but their plan to hire 100 teachers comes nowhere near the number needed to provide ‘in house’ language education to the 700,000 primary school students across NSW,” Mr Stokes said.

“What’s more, Labor has not released a costing, from the PBO or otherwise, as to how they might do this – Labor’s plans don’t work, and they can’t pay for them anyway.”

Mr Roberts says, “Labor’s language plan is totally inferior to what is already being delivered in NSW by the Liberals & Nationals Government.”

The NSW Liberals & Nationals Government has invested more than $17.8 million in Community Language Schools which provides more than 34,000 students access to out-of-school-hours community language classes to develop, maintain or acquire language skills.’

“Every student in NSW already learns a second language as part of the curriculum, reflecting the rich linguistic and cultural diversity of our great State,” Mr Roberts said.

Labor has also promised a $70 increase per student in community language schools – “just one-third of the $210 per student that the NSW Liberals & Nationals Government announced in last year’s budget through its Strengthening Community Languages Initiative.”

“The NSW Liberals & Nationals believes languages and culture are taught in the classrooms and community, which is why we also launched the $100 Creative Kids Voucher that kids can put towards learning a new language,” Mr Roberts said.

President of the NSW Federation of Community Language Schools, Lucia Johns, said that the NSW Liberals & Nationals Government have been strong supporters of providing second language options for NSW students.

“The NSW Liberals & Nationals Government understands the cultural and economic benefits being bilingual affords students in equipping them with the tools to succeed in a global future,” Ms Johns said.

Media Contact: Christopher Sullivan 9817 4757