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Thursday, 27 December 2018

Lazy Labor is still looking for any excuse to cancel infrastructure and drag NSW back to the condition it was in when they were last in power, NSW Planning and Housing Minister the Hon. Anthony Roberts said today.

Their legal advice is a sad stunt – here are the facts:

Under the Act the mandatory period for consultation is 28 days not 30 days.

That the Opposition Leader didn’t check this shows how lazy he is.

It’s worth noting the advice Labor are relying on was received on the 7th, 11th and 20th of December – if it was so important, why didn’t they release it when they received it?

Labor’s criticism about design excellence requirements have no basis in fact. The EIS documents demonstrate that design excellence formed a key part of the assessment. It was considered, and will continue to be refined by the design competition.

Finally, Labor’s statement that the consent was in breach of SEPP 55 is fundamentally, categorically wrong. The consent is only for the demolition, not for the construction.

Further assessments will be conducted prior to construction.

The demolition of the existing Sydney football stadium and the concept approval for the new stadium were approved by the Minister after a comprehensive and rigorous assessment of all issues including considering more than 700 submissions from the community, local councils, special interest groups and state agencies

Community consultation included information sessions and the Department of Planning met face to face with six community groups during the assessment of the proposal.

The Department of Planning is confident that it has meet its statutory obligations for public exhibition of the proposal and the Department’s report demonstrates that all issues raised in the over 700 submissions were addressed.

If this is the kind of legal advice Labor get it’s no wonder two of their former Ministers are in prison.

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